Wedding Dress Conversion Into An Heirloom Christening Gown
That dress was special to you, make it even more special to your children...and their children!

heirloom christening outfit made from your wedding gownA newer trend is for your Baby to wear a Christening gown or romper made from the Mother's or Grandmother's wedding gown. This is a rather unique way to use that bridal gown that will otherwise remain stored in a box or closet for years to come.

The procedure is simple:
Do not cut up your wedding gown, just box into the smallest box possible and mail to me. I will return the leftover pieces to you if you so desire. You may include a description or sketch of what you would like; however, please realize that I will choose the design best suited from your gown for the baby.

Your bridal gown must be A-line or a full skirt for this conversion to be possible. I will fashion a beautiful heirloom keepsake for your baby, which can be passed on for years to come.

Prices begin at:

  • $175 for a romper and hat

  • $325 for a gown, slip and bonnet.

  • $425 for both a gown and a romper.

Please call me toll free 1-866-386-0360 or 712-262-5232
email me for further details.

Great Grandma's Gown Converted to Unisex Gown to be Used for Years to Come

2 bonnets with the unisex gown

1 Gown with Girl Bonnet & Boy Bonnet

2 bonnets with the unisex gown. The great grandma's gown was 53 years old. This will be a keepsake & a tribute to great grandma!

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Maj Gown    

Mom's Gown


Baby in her Gown with Godmother

Baby Gown


This bonnet was taken from the bodice of the wedding gown.

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This wedding gown comes from Pennsylvania.  The bridal gown skirt was repurposed to create a beautiful christening gown and hat seen at the right.


Arneda Boy/Girl Twin Conversion Gown  

Grandma's Original Gown

Girl's Bodice

Boy's Bodice

Girl's Gown


Boy's Gown

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The Arneda wedding gown is from Spokane , WA. This was a hand-made wedding gown from 1967. It had a detachable train from same fabric. The grandmother chose to have a boy's gown & a girl's gown made from her 37 year old wedding gown. The two gowns are to be used by all of her future grandchildren! Pearls & trim were added, but the lace from the original gown was used on the girl's dress. Price for 2 gowns from same wedding gown....minimum $250.


Colleen Gown    

Mom's Gown

Baby's Gown

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This wedding gown comes from New Hampshire.  The bridal gown skirt was repurposed to create a beautiful christening gown and hat seen at the right.

wedcut1.jpg (60373 bytes)    wedcut3b.JPG (45500 bytes)  wedcut4.jpg (53541 bytes) 
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Julie from New York    

bride.jpg (148155 bytes)
Julie's Gown

wedconvb.jpg (81330 bytes)
Baby's Gown

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This was my first conversion gown completed five years ago. The baby dress was made from Julie's wedding gown.  It will be passed on to her grandchildren.


California Beach Baby    

Sandraweddingown715012.JPG (23700 bytes)
Mom's Gown

SandraConvert4.JPG (29773 bytes)

Baby Hemline

SandraConvert3.JPG (28872 bytes)
Baby's Gown




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A California bride was married on the beach in this long, casual tank top gown.  She particularly wanted me to use the heavy lace around the baby hem.


  Other Wedding Conversion Gowns

Billy conversion from New York City
We have repurposed over 200 wedding gowns into Christening Gowns.  Our customers live from coast to coast, but each dress is unique. Just as each baby that has worn our gowns is unique. 

The moms and their children are special memories to me, and I thank those who have allowed me to show their dresses on the website.

AmyConvert01033.jpg (41964 bytes)
Stephconvert7.JPG (40835 bytes) Elyseconvert2.JPG (42946 bytes)
Penny's from Michigan
Twin Gowns Above:  This bridal gown was found in the bride's grandmother's attic. They have a yellow/golden color to them which is natural  due to storage.   The grandmother had been married in the 1940"s.  The natural aging of the gown made the twins' christening gowns a beautiful golden hue. Jenconvert1.JPG (87836 bytes)
A Classic Gown
EngleBaptism3.jpg (24615 bytes)
Proud Parents
This conversion is a grandmother's wedding gown from the early 70's.  It was a ruffled, lace tiered wedding gown with some bead work on the front.  The underskirt was of taffeta.  The taffeta was used for the bodice with appliquéd lace used on the bodice for the design.  

The Duster coat is made from the wedding gown with appliqué or lace down the open front and around the hem line.  The Duster coat ties at the waist with satin ribbon.  It comes with or without a collar.  This particular Duster coat is featured with the collar with beaded appliqué hand sewn onto it.


This gown, duster coat and bonnet were all made from the same wedding gown.







Convert Your Wedding Dress into an Heirloom Christening Outfit